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To Our Valued Members:

Christian Parent Forum is a ministry rather than just a web site, and the vision is to make this ministry successful for the long term.  Our members support CPF in many different ways.  Some call this site their on-line home and make a huge contribution in terms of time spent here, some work hard in spreading the word about the site, and still others volunteer their time on the staff of CPF.  If you are able and feel so called, there is also the option of helping to support the site from a financial perspective. Forums are bandwidth and CPU intensive, both of which incur significant costs. God has richly blessed this board with growth, and with that added growth comes significant expenses.  If you would like to help support CPF from a financial perspective, it would certainly be appreciated.  There are several ways listed below by which you can do that. 

If  financial support is not an option for you at this time, then all we ask is for your continued prayers, presence and support.  As one of our valued members we are thankful for the time you spend here, and of course your prayers for this ministry are always appreciated.

For His glory,


Financial Support Options

Paid Subscriptions

Add features to your CPF account such as greatly increased Private Messaging space, increased image attachment space and the option to have custom usernames for literally pennies a day.

Please see the Paid Subscription options in your UserCP or just click here.


If you'd like to make a donation outside of what the Paid Subscription options allow you,  you are welcome to make a donation via PayPal to help support CPF.  Just click below to be directed to the secure PayPal site, where you can donate through a variety of payment methods. 

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