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Old 07-24-2017, 09:49 AM
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Default Mom has cancer and may only have 15 days left

Hello all - new member here!

I am requesting prayer from all my fellow prayer warriors: PLEASE pray for Judy (my mom)!

My immediate family is in the Christian faith and we have seen the Lord's hand perform many miracles even within our own family.

A few quick prayer reports to get your faith stirred:

When my grandmother was pregnant with my mom the doctors and nurses suggested to her to have an abortion because the baby was going to be born with Spina Bifida. They had told her the child was going to go through a lot of pain even just growing up and had given her a "lifespan estimate" of under 30 years.

My grandmother refused and sure enough my mom was born with Spina Bifida. She suffered for years with pain where she could barely stand and had a lot of walking problems throughout her childhood. Not really able to do much without having to sit on the sidelines a lot and watching everyone else.

Around age 22 my mom came to Christ and fed up with her pain, cried out to God and had those around her in her church pray for her. That night changed everything for her - she was healed entirely of her pain, walking issues, and has more than doubled her "lifespan estimate", now being 64.

My parents wanted to have children and every baby delivery doctor she went to suggested against her having children, not only for her own health reasons but because her children are extremely likely to suffer from spina bifida as well. She found a Christian doctor who told her if she believes God wants her to have children, to pray, and do so. I have three older siblings and all four of us have absolutely no health problems whatsoever.

My dad was born with epilepsy and suffered from seizures throughout his life from a young age. Him having a driver's license was ruled out early on and it was understood he would never drive. He was on heavy medications to keep his seizures under control and but still suffered a lot from them and side effects of the medication.

My father meets my mother and becomes a Christian. There was a service going on at their church and my dad was prayed for - and was healed immediately of his epilepsy. He felt different and went to his doctor (who is not a Christian and was very confused) and was given the clear to stop taking the medication. He has had no signs of ever having epilepsy and just retired from driving for a living for a trucking company of 38 years.

My uncle was having a lot of problems concentrating and was just overall not doing well. He went in for a lot of tests and they couldn't figure out what the problem was until finally they came to realize he had a tumor growing inside his skull on his brain. They informed him it was too big and too dangerous to operate on. He was given up to 6 months to live at the time.

Our family came together and prayed for him. After weeks of him constantly going back so they could monitor his tumor growing (and it was) - he goes in after all the prayer - the tumor vanished. Literally vanished. They had no words to say about it except, whatever he's doing to keep it up. Even though this happened he's not a believer - but he was definitely healed.

Prayer request:
In a very high amount of cases where someone comes down with lymphoma they're gone within a few years. Judy (my mom) had been told it was extremely likely she would be taken by the cancer within a maximum of 5 years - well, it's been 8. (Praise God!)

After so many different medications and different forms of chemo - none of them were working. She had been told if she's able to be healthy enough to recover - she's a candidate for stem cell replacement. This is an absolute last resort because it only works 40-50% of the time.

What they do is kill off all cancer cells with heavy doses of chemo over several days and then take a matched donor's cells and introduce them into her immune system and if her body doesn't react negatively and accepts the cells as her own - she begins to develop a brand new immune system. They know within 2 hours whether or not her body has accepted it. If it doesn't accept it, her body starts attacking itself and she's gone.

Praise God her one brother is a match for her and he is going to be there during the whole procedure as the donor, otherwise it would've taken months or longer to find a matched donor anywhere even remotely close.

Her body wasn't taking to any of the medication over the last 8 years but was told about a medication that was her very last resort and they held off all this time because of the side effects AND it only has a 30% success rate. Well, to their surprise - thank you Lord, it's working!

She is now booked to go in for August 3rd for heavy doses of chemo until August 8th, when they're doing the stem cell procedure.

As your sibling in Christ, I ask that you please pray that the procedure will be a success that she may continue to be a walking and talking miracle who always gives God the glory. Please pray for us, her husband, her children, her grand children, and the rest of our family that we do not fall off course but continue walking in Him regardless the outcome.

May God fulfill His will and not ours - that His master plan unfolds exactly as He desires even if this means He calls her home.

The Lord's hand has been at work throughout this entire ordeal and she has already beaten the odds so many times. She was healed of her pain that she was told she'd have for life, she's outlived the age by more than double what the doctors had predicted before she was born, she had four children who did not have any health problems passed down to them, she was given the very last resort medication that had a 30% success rate and it succeeded, she's outlived the average age with this form of cancer, and lastly, I would LOVE to come back to report that with God and your prayers, she now beat another 40% success rate AND recovered from the chemo.

Thank you for your time in reading this, those of you that have. Whether you pray for us or just simply skimmed through this - I'm praying for you that you may walk in Him for eternity and bear much fruit throughout your life walking in the Spirit.

God bless!
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Old 07-25-2017, 04:54 PM
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Praying for you.
I'm Brian, Husband of Rita, Dad to Jonathan and Jennifer, and Granddad to Jessica and Grace.
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Old 08-03-2017, 10:13 AM
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Thank you lastingfaith!

Hey all,

I saw my mom one last time yesterday before she went in today for the first day of chemo and there was a very strong presence of peace throughout the house. God is with us and there's no doubt about it, we can feel it. She wasn't sad and was extremely optimistic - literally zero tears throughout the day. I attribute it to all the prayers going out for us for strength and the Holy Spirit to comfort us.

We were informed the stem cell procedure may be happening on the 9th instead of the 8th, just for those that may pray on the day for her.

Thank you all so so much, I'm praying that God truly blesses you all.

In Him,
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Old 08-13-2017, 03:39 AM
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Hey all,

Thank you SOOOO much for your support!

I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know - so far so good. We're still looking to give the praise report when we come to hear that her body has accepted the stem cell procedure and is making good recovery. When we do hear that, and we're very optimistic that we will, the first thing we'll do is give God the glory, then I'll update this post to let you all know.

The worst thing she's had through all of this so far is hallucinations from all the medications she's been on. Wednesday and Thursday she was doing really well. Friday she was very tired and wasn't social at all until Saturday morning when she was starting to return to her normal self. I can only imagine how hard the body is fighting so the up and down energy is fully expected.

On Saturday they started her on anti-rejection medication for the white blood stem cells they introduced to help her immune system fight back. From what we know this is a "safety" and is standard procedure so it doesn't necessarily mean her body has rejected anything.

Love this community, don't stop being great!

God bless,
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Old 08-27-2017, 04:21 AM
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I wanted to thank and update everyone who has been praying for Judy - she's doing very well.

The doctors and nurses are very surprised at how fast things have been moving throughout this entire procedure recovery wise. We all attribute it to the Lord's hand being on her without question.

She wasn't doing too well and had been told her body had to start producing white blood cells because she literally had none. Then she came down with a virus and it was very serious and could have become fatal because her immune system was bottomed out due to the chemo, radiation and all the medications.

Around two days after I had posted prayer requests for white blood cells - her body started producing white blood cells. They were shocked it happened so quickly and early.

She is WAY ahead of schedule recovery wise and numbers wise.

A normal white blood cell count is between 4.5 (4500 white cells) and 11.0 (11,000 cells)

It went from 0 to 0.3 (300 cells) two days after I had posted the prayer request here:
to 3.6 (3600 cells) the following day,
to 6.5 (6500 cells) the next
to 11.7 (11,700 cells) the next
and stabilized at 15.7 (15,700 cells) which is normal because of her body fighting off the virus.

Her body is fighting out the virus. Her appetite has come back fully and her strength is returning.

She was told that because even though her brother was a perfect match for her stem cell donor wise, which was a miracle in itself, because he wasn't the same blood type it would take approximately a full year before her hemoglobin would raise to a normal level. Hemoglobin makes you feel good and carries oxygen through your blood throughout your body.

Her hemoglobin within two days went from bottomed out to 41 to 87, normal range for her is 120. She's more than 2/3's there. Praise God!

She was told with smiles from the staff that her stem cells were grafted. Which means her body began accepting them. (was 40% chance)

They made the statement that this never happens this quickly. Her cells are making more of a comeback than they ever see because even though the procedure is done, she's still going through rounds of medications and tiny shots of chemo to ensure everything's gone - it's extremely early for this type of recovery to be happening.

Two of her four doctors are now finished with her because of her tremendous recovery. They had originally told her whatever she's doing to keep it up because it's working - she told them it's God's hand being on everything and attributed it to all the prayer that's been going on for her. There's a testimony there in all of this for them too. Two of her nurses told her privately that they aren't allowed to talk about their faith but opened up to her that they're Christian.

The staff has been amazing to her and the family and she's been in great hands.

We were just informed that due to her fantastic recovery and her numbers being as good as they are, and she has a good chance of going to the recovery lodge. Which is a short distance to the hospital where she's going to be recovering, but free to go outside and become active again, but will have to go to the hospital every day or two for a quick checkup for approximately two months.

If everything continues - she'll be home before the end of November.

She thanks you sincerely from the bottom of her heart as does the family.

Thank you so very much to those who have stood with us in prayer - I will continue to update.

God bless,
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