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Old 11-01-2013, 01:30 AM
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I struggled mightily with these same issues as a teen and into my 20s. I wondered why God didn't seem to listen when I really needed him. I also had many doubts about whether he was just a fairy tail. It has been a life long journey. Be thankful that your daughter is honest. Read my book (free download at called: "iDoubt: When Faith Falters." Your daughter will find it to be quite unlike any book she has read. It will deal directly with many of her issues.
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Old 07-16-2017, 07:34 AM
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God gave people free will. You should still love them.
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Old 07-20-2017, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by blessed23 View Post
God gave people free will. You should still love them.
I agree.
Just a couple of short stories:-

1) The last-but-one Minister of our church went to University as a young man, and committed atheist, to study sociology. There he met a Christian girl whom he fancied. She also liked him, but said that she would not get serious with him unless/until he became a Christian. He started to study the Bible and the faith seriously for the first time in his life, and the more he studied it the more he became convinced that the Christian faith is the only answer that makes sense. He became a Christian, went on to Theological College, and became a Baptist Minister. The girl became his wife, he became our Minister, and they have two beautiful children.

2) Alister McGrath was a Belfast boy who grew-up with a nominal childhood faith. He abandoned this in his teens and became an atheist. He was also very bright, went on to Oxbridge University to do a science degree, and then on to do a Doctorate in Quantum Physics. This led him in time to see the futility of atheism, and he became a Christian. He then did a Doctorate in Theology and this led him on to a number of senior appointments in theological colleges. He is currently Professor of Science & Religion at Oxford University, and one of the leading theologians in the UK. He regularly gives public addresses to students in explanation and defense of the faith.

Take heart!
I'm Brian, Husband of Rita, Dad to Jonathan and Jennifer, and Granddad to Jessica and Grace.
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Old Yesterday, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by buttrfli View Post
I'm praying for you and your daughter. I cant imagine how it must feel to be a mom in that situation. I can only speak from the experience of being a child in similar circumstances around that age. It's an age and stage where we really have to make choices for ourselves. If she is in college she's being bombarded with liberal professor's ideas of faith or lack thereof. So much of the world says there is no God or god is in you. If she is choosing sin, it's easier often to deny God than to face the reality of her wickedness. Pray and take heart in the scriptures.

Acts 16:31 They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household."

Prov 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

It doesnt say he will "never" turn from it. It says "when he is old". Many of us, when we are thrust into adulthood and face the world on our own, have gone through stages of doubt or rebellion. We tried to make sense of the world in our own little brains with our limited understanding.

However all those I know who've had the seed planted and made a decision at some point in life to truly walk with the father and later have strayed, have always come back. Just like the prodigal son.

Look forward to and pray for God to quicken the day you can rejoice with your daughter as she comes back to the arms of her loving Father. A Father who loves her enough to let her have it her way and find true faith through the experience of living without Him. Pray that she returns quickly without too many scars. Pray that she is protected from continued lying and scheming of the devil. That God would place situations and people in her life through which there would be no denying His existence.

And don't blame yourself. She is 21 and makes her own choices. Let her go. She is God's child before she was yours. Trust Him
This is totally right advice. But it's so hard while you are in it, so don't feel hopeless when you read this advice and think some days you just can't go on. I just came out of 2 years of a dark night, and nothing has changed in the natural world. But I have, through praising Him alone. I can feel the heaviness lift when I start praising the Lord. He is going to bring this to pass and my child shall not be lost to the world, though I've got one way immersed in things that are not of God. I can't even believe it, how this has gone. Of all the things I might have been prepared for, this was NOT IT. And you get hit in waves. When I discovered a new piece of information just around Christmas, the enemy tempted me to go lie down in the snow, in -25 temperatures and it could just all be over. Don't think this can't happen. I started to praise the Lord, even though I DID NOT WANT TO, and it started to lift.

We were home schooling parents, brought them up in the Word, prayed with them daily, took them to church, yet somehow we drifted a bit during the busyness of their years of growing up. We still did all those things, but the world creeps in - especially through just time wasting like social media or watching movies (not even bad movies, but almost all push a worldview that is not of God). We are getting back now to putting Jesus first. We are going to win this battle for our child.

One day a few months ago, we visited another church. The nicest couple we've ever known, gentle, sweet, kind, godly- just the kind of people you want to be, you know? - were there. We have known them for 20 years but got away to different churches when something happened (you know how busy the devil is tempting pastors to fall, and that is what happened, and the sheep were scattered). Their adult child got up to talk and told an unbelievable tale of how far he got into the world (like way past the stuff we generally worry about), but he is serving the Lord with his whole heart today. I felt like God opened up the heavens and said to me, "That couple MADE IT. That child came OUT. The devil could not hold him. You will make it too and so will your child!" It so encouraged me!

So hang on, parents of young children. I hope you never face this, and we know parents who have had it so easy. And sometimes it is hard not to be envious of those parents who complain about a child missing class in college or getting drunk one weekend. Oh, so easy are those problems. But you might face some stuff, and God will bring you deeper and closer, and you will be in the fight of your life. But you shall overcome.

I took this month to "fast" television and worldly entertainment and it has made such a difference that my husband and I are not going back. He said he knew we wouldn't return when we (or I - but he joined me) started this. I am at war and I can't live the casual life cramming nonsense into my head, as I was.

At any rate, sorry for such a long first post. Praying for all of you to win your victories in the Lord.
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