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Old 05-14-2010, 08:46 AM
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Well, we have one week left before my DS has his surgery. We went on the hospital tour last night and he did very well. He didn't act nervous or anything. I was kinda surprised to find out he will be in the first recovery area for 1/2 hour to one hour, then in the second recovery area for 3-4 hours. I guess it's to make sure he is hydrated well before sending him home and making sure he will drink fluids. As of now his surgery is scheduled for 10:15 and we have to be there 2-3 hours before that. The Child Life Specialist informed us last night that our doctor tends to be ahead of schedule though, so that's good. I will be stocking up on popsicles, applesauce, ice cream (although they said not to give that to them for several days), and whatever other soft foods I can come up with. I will probably get some pudding and jello just in case he decides to eat them. He may be so hungry that he will eat them. If not, my DD will eat them.

He goes to get his bloodwork done on Monday.

CK - just curious if you made any special sleeping arrangements for your boys after their surgeries or if you just kept everything as normal. My motherly instincts want to say I will sleep in his room for the first few days, but my DH says I may cause issues with him sleeping later on. What did you do?

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Old 05-14-2010, 11:03 AM
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well, we gave them ice cream right away because they didn't want to eat much else.

as far as sleeping arrangements, i agree with your DH. i did NOT sleep in their room, but i left the door open a crack so i could hear them better if they woke up in pain.

however, stephen had a lot of ear pain, and slept better (not good, but better) in the recliner chair. so what i did was this: i would make sure i scheduled the pain meds for just before bedtime, then i would do their regular bedtime routine. i would put them to bed in their own beds, and then if they woke up in the night, i would give them more pain meds (it it was time for them) and a glass of water.
stephen usually had the worst time of it, so the first time he woke up in the night, i would take him, his blanket and pillow, and put him to sleep in the recliner chair. he woke up maybe one more time during the night, and most of the time would ask to go back to his bed, so i would bring him back there.

i myself slept in my own bed, just keeping my door open so i could hear them.

does that make sense? of course, you do what is right for you and your family. it's a traumatic experience for the little ones, so he may feel more comfortable falling asleep with you in the room.

stephen told us about a week into it, that he wished they could put his tonsils back in!! LOL he did not expect the pain and difficulty swallowing that followed the surgery, even though we prepared him for it.

and then a couple of weeks later, when he thought he was healing, the scabs fell off , and his throat hurt again.

i think it took just about a month for him to feel himself again.
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12
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