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I wanted to thank and update everyone who has been praying for Judy - she's doing very well.

The doctors and nurses are very surprised at how fast things have been moving throughout this entire procedure recovery wise. We all attribute it to the Lord's hand being on her without question.

She wasn't doing too well and had been told her body had to start producing white blood cells because she literally had none. Then she came down with a virus and it was very serious and could have become fatal because her immune system was bottomed out due to the chemo, radiation and all the medications.

Around two days after I had posted prayer requests for white blood cells - her body started producing white blood cells. They were shocked it happened so quickly and early.

She is WAY ahead of schedule recovery wise and numbers wise.

A normal white blood cell count is between 4.5 (4500 white cells) and 11.0 (11,000 cells)

It went from 0 to 0.3 (300 cells) two days after I had posted the prayer request here:
to 3.6 (3600 cells) the following day,
to 6.5 (6500 cells) the next
to 11.7 (11,700 cells) the next
and stabilized at 15.7 (15,700 cells) which is normal because of her body fighting off the virus.

Her body is fighting out the virus. Her appetite has come back fully and her strength is returning.

She was told that because even though her brother was a perfect match for her stem cell donor wise, which was a miracle in itself, because he wasn't the same blood type it would take approximately a full year before her hemoglobin would raise to a normal level. Hemoglobin makes you feel good and carries oxygen through your blood throughout your body.

Her hemoglobin within two days went from bottomed out to 41 to 87, normal range for her is 120. She's more than 2/3's there. Praise God!

She was told with smiles from the staff that her stem cells were grafted. Which means her body began accepting them. (was 40% chance)

They made the statement that this never happens this quickly. Her cells are making more of a comeback than they ever see because even though the procedure is done, she's still going through rounds of medications and tiny shots of chemo to ensure everything's gone - it's extremely early for this type of recovery to be happening.

Two of her four doctors are now finished with her because of her tremendous recovery. They had originally told her whatever she's doing to keep it up because it's working - she told them it's God's hand being on everything and attributed it to all the prayer that's been going on for her. There's a testimony there in all of this for them too. Two of her nurses told her privately that they aren't allowed to talk about their faith but opened up to her that they're Christian.

The staff has been amazing to her and the family and she's been in great hands.

We were just informed that due to her fantastic recovery and her numbers being as good as they are, and she has a good chance of going to the recovery lodge. Which is a short distance to the hospital where she's going to be recovering, but free to go outside and become active again, but will have to go to the hospital every day or two for a quick checkup for approximately two months.

If everything continues - she'll be home before the end of November.

She thanks you sincerely from the bottom of her heart as does the family.

Thank you so very much to those who have stood with us in prayer - I will continue to update.

God bless,
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