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Forum Rules

Please take a minute to read our simple board guidelines….


There are several overarching principals to keep in mind:

  1. What someone reads on this board may be the first exposure that person gets to what it means to be a Christian. Is what you are writing what you want them to see? As they say, “You might be the only Bible people read.”
  2. Post as if Jesus is reading every word you write – because He is.
  3. Use the brain God gave you. Think before you post. Think about how a post might affect someone else.

More specifically:

  • This is a Christian Parenting forum created for fellowship, support, and fun. It is for friendly dialogue of any topic that might be of interest to parents.
  • Non-Christians are welcome here, and are encouraged to participate. This is NOT, however, a forum for discussion of other religions, atheism, witchcraft, or criticism of or anything in conflict with Christianity. This of course does not mean those subjects are off limits, but this is not the forum for in-depth discussions of those subjects.
  • Friendly, respectful discussions about most any topic are welcome. Arguing, gossiping, heated debates, personal attacks or insults are not welcome. If you feel that things are getting too heated, you are probably right. Please choose to walk away from the discussion or deal with it through the PM system. Ideally, choose not to be offended, but instead take a break, and communicate, rather than escalating or accusing others.
  • Remember that in face-to-face communications a large part of the message is transmitted nonverbally. Conveying that same message in writing can be more difficult. Please choose your words carefully to insure they will be received as you intended them.
  • Obscenities, threatening or harassing content or any other inappropriate content is never welcome. Do not post anything that violates any copyright or promotes anything illegal.
  • Posts or private messages that are deemed to be primarily for the purpose of advertising or promoting another website are not welcome.
  • Links to other personal websites (not ad sites or forum sites) are OK if they are in your signature or in your profile, unless it appears that your primary purpose of being on the board is to promote those links.
  • Selling products or your services are welcome, but they must be posted in the Yard Sale section.
  • Soliticiting of money for charitable causes is not welcome on this site. God calls us to give to the poor and those in need. However, when it comes to asking someone for money, the internet provides a venue that has way too much potential for abuse.
  • Attempting to hide your identity by signing up with an incorrect gender, age, multiple accounts or IP proxies will result in the immediate cancellation of your user account.
  • The board staff will respect reasonable confidentiality. Please do your part to respect the confidentiality of the members of the board.


Administrative Action

If you feel you need to report a post that is not in the spirit of what is acceptable as stated above, you can “Report a Post” by clicking on the red symbol at the bottom left of each post. You should also send a private message to the Leader of the forum briefly stating your concern with a post or a situation. Please do not post your concerns on the public forum or PM your concerns to other members. The Leader will discuss the issue with the board Administration and an appropriate action will be taken. This may include deleting, editing or closing a thread.

If you have an issue with a Leader that you cannot resolve yourself, please address your concern to the Board Leader.

To find the a Leader or Board Leader, click on the "View Forum Leaders" link at the bottom of the forums page. User titles can be seen by clicking on the individual user names.

Members who cannot adhere to the guidelines above will be notified and may have their account suspended or canceled.



Posts submitted on this board are the opinion of that person, and do not necessarily reflect that of Christian Parents Forum or it’s staff.

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